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Mansergh Graham provide a broad range of services associated with the development of transport and roading infrastructure.

Our services include input into:

  • scheme assessments
  • structure planning
  • specimen design
  • assessment of visual and landscape effects
  • preparation of visual simulations and photomontages
  • mitigation planting plans
  • detailed design and implementation of design features such as the aesthetic appearance of bridges
  • overpasses and abutments
  • planting schemes to enhance the transport corridors and rehabilitate areas of disturbance

We are familiar with NZTA design requirements and standards including Guidelines to Highway Landscaping and Urban Design Implementation Principles.

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Land development projects range in size from the creation of a single lot to large scale subdivisions requiring detailed consideration of urban design methodologies in order to produce an environmentally sustainable and socially responsive development.

Mansergh Graham provide a range of services including structure planning, urban design, project evaluation, subdivision design, parks and reserves planning and design, subdivision identity and streetscape design.

We are also able to assist with consent application and the assessment of environmental effects, either as a stand alone practice or in conjunction with a development team comprised of planners, surveyors and engineers.

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Creating a distinctive identity for a new development ,or rationalizing the components of an existing park or reserve to respond to changing use and demands, Mansergh Graham provide a range of services from design and recreation planning to ecological enhancement.

Our experience encompasses the preparation of overarching documents such as design and management plans that respond to the needs of the community and environmental imperatives, through to discrete detailed design of specific elements associated with open space development.

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Mansergh Graham undertake the evaluation and assessment of large-scale energy generation and infra-structural projects, including hydro, wind and gas turbine generation developments, high voltage transmission lines and substations.

In addition to traditional landscape assessment methodologies, Mansergh Graham utilise GIS software to help identify areas of landscape sensitivity and assist in the evaluation of potential transmission corridors, generation sites and substation developments.

Our services include, audits and assessment of effects on landscape and visual amenity, and the preparation and presentation of expert evidence at council and environment court level.

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Mansergh Graham provide a range of services associated with the extractive industries including assessment of landscape and visual effects for consent applications, preparation of landscape rehabilitation plans, preparation and audit of mitigation plans and visual assessments, the development of mitigation and restorative planting design and restoration management plans.

These services also include consultation with affected parties and GIS analysis.

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Mansergh Graham have extensive experience in the design associated with a wide range of industrial facilities, each with their own specific needs and requirements.

We frequently work with design architects and engineers, to provide a range of services which include site design, master planning, developed design, car park and pedestrian circulation and amenity planting.

Our services also include assessment and landscape design where required by resource consent.

Mansergh Graham provide a range of services specifically tailored to the enhancement of commercial and institutional developments.

An in depth understanding of the functional and spatial requirements associated with the built environment and the necessary interface between public and private spaces is critical to creating a vibrant and successful project.

We are well versed in the specific needs of commercial and institutional spatial requirements, and create distinctive and unique designs that enhance the core function and aesthetic of the built environment, while imbuing the clients philosophy within the landscape works.


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Mansergh Graham understands the crucial role that built form and quality open space play as part of community living, and the fundamental role of retail and commercial vitality, accessibility and safety as part of the urban fabric.

We have considerable experience in the design of public spaces, which take inspiration from unique local elements and narratives which give a place its essential character.

Our designs are grounded in an awareness of the social, economic and ecological imperatives that sustain the urban environment.

With a focus of creating destinations appropriate to their location and context, Mansergh Graham provide a range of services specifically tailored to the enhancement of urban fabric including growth strategies, structure plans, urban assessment, urban and streetscape design, community consultation, detailed design and the management of implementation contracts.

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Whether part of an overall development, or as a component of a project, graphics and interpretative signage can enhance visitor experience to any destination.

Mansergh Graham’s experience in the interpretation of the natural sciences and history, coupled with training in interpretative communication and graphic design allows us to create contextually appropriate graphic and signage solutions for a range of different uses.

Our services encompass graphic design and writing of copy for interpretive and information signage, design guides, presentation graphics, photomontages, illustrations, maps and plans and sign design.

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Mansergh Graham utilise a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide a range of analytical support services to other professionals such as ecologists and planners. Using the ESRI ArcGIS platform with the 3d Analyst and Spatial Analyst extensions, Mansergh Graham are able to provide assistance with the design of an appropriate methodological approach, data input, mapping and analysis, using a combination of existing public data sets and client data.


  • Topographic and feature mapping
  • Digital terrain modelling and analysis
  • Slope, aspect and shade analysis
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Sieve mapping
  • Population density analysis
  • Trail density mapping and analysis
  • Habitat mapping
  • Weighted site selection and route analysis
  • Catchment mapping and analysis
  • Geo-spatial database management
  • 3d visualisations
  • Data conversion (GIS to CAD)
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