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Taupo District Landscape Study

The Taupo District covers an area of approximately 6970 square kilometres. Within this area, a number of different types of landscapes can be found. These include landscapes formed by volcanic, sedimentary, erosion and fluvial deposition processes. The most prominent of these include the caldera of Lake Taupo and the volcanic massifs of
Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu and Tongariro.

Both natural and cultural influences have modified the appearance of this landscape over time. Volcanic activity and erosion processes have changed the shape of the land forming plateaus, lakes, gullies and hills. Humanity has also changed the landscape, creating patterns and altering it’s natural character through the development of different types of land use; pastoral farming, horticulture, forestry, rural subdivision, urban development and roads.

In April 2000, as part of the s32 analysis in support of the proposed district plan, Mansergh Graham Landscape Architects were commissioned by the Taupo District Council to undertake a preliminary landscape study to assess the landscapes of the Taupo District.

The project included:

  • Liaison with Council planning staff
  • GIS analysis and mapping
  • Identification of the districts landscape types and units.
  • Identification and rating of Outstanding Natural Features and landscapes
  • Review of submissions to the proposed district plan
  • Presentation of evidence at the district plan hearings
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