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3D Interactive Modelling

MGLA is able to produce3D interactive models to illustrate the spatial relationship between a proposed project and the surrounding environment. These are used to show what a proposed development or change in the landscape will look like from a variety of angle, allowing viewers to navigate around the model using an internet browser to and orientate themselves in relation to surrounding roads, buildings and trees. Non essential features, such as the adjacent residential dwellings, can be generated automatically from building footprints, lowering the cost of model development. Critical features can display a higher degree of accuracy within the context of the model.

The web browser compatible model can only be viewed in Google Chrome 20 or higher, Firefox 16 or higher or Safari 5 or higher (with WebGL enabled) by clicking one of the following links:

Road and Bridge Example

Light Industrial Subdivision Example

Link Road Example

Urban Development Example

Analytical/Graphical Comparison Example

Please note: The CityEngine model will not work on mobile devices or in Internet Explorer (unless Google Chrome Frame is installed and WebGL is enabled.

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