Brook Park, Te Kuiti

Waitomo District Council engaged Mansergh Graham to prepare an overall Master Plan and Conceptual Design for Brook Park for inclusion in their Reserve Management Plan.

Brook Park is situated on the north western boundary of Te Kuiti township. With it‘s main entry a narrow access road between two busy businesses, with minimal road frontage, it is easy to miss the entrance to the park altogether. Characterised by its history as a pa site, pioneering experimental farm, and its topography, views, and botanical interest, the park is used as a farming operation by the Te Kuiti High School Charitable Trust. Noted tree collections are scattered throughout the park, many of which have their origin during the time the area was run as a farm by Colin Brook. Many hundreds of other trees have been planted since, both native and exotic, including woodlots of pine, gum, and black walnut.

The concept for Brook Park focuses on taking advantage of, and enhancing existing vegetation, topography, water features and archaeological sites. Mansergh Graham propose a new entry to create a stronger visual link between Te Kumi Road (SH3) and Brook Park, utilising a mix of endemic and exotic plant species, and hard landscape materials, which reference the rural character of the park and the surrounding Te Kuiti landscape. Walking tracks are proposed through the stands of existing indigenous vegetation with wayfinding and interpretive signage, and enhancement planting is to continue as resources permit. The existing historical shelter belt configuration, will be reinforced and enhanced. The Motakiora Pa site is a unique and valuable education resource providing opportunities for interpretive signage.

Due to it’s steep topography, Brook Park provides recreation opportunities not normally available on flat sites. The park is currently used for orienteering, cross country running and walking, an opportunity exists to also establish a permanent disc golf course within the site, and create mountain biking trails within the Somerville Memorial Grove.

The project included:

  • Master Plan, including opportunities and constraints, and proposed future development
  • Hard and Soft Landscape Conceptual Design
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