Vesty Avenue Development

A mixed density development within Hamilton City achieves an optimal balance between meaningful spaces and a sense of place while maintaining accessibility within a challenging U shaped infill site. Focussing on providing an environment that goes well beyond the essential, the Vesty Avenue Development creates a variety of user experiences and opportunities for serendipitous encounters with a distinctly designed environment. By creating coherence within the design through a uniform but distinctive roadway treatment, more localised details were used to create a separate identity for each terrace development, with emphasis placed on the informal community gathering space for the apartment-style block.

This project included the preparation of landscape concepts for both the hard and soft treatment of the development and its functional response to rubbish treatment with surrounding infrastructure. The overall landscape treatment provides legibility while optimising opportunities for amenity planting within the scheme.

The project included:

  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Concept Development
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