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Mansergh Graham assess the potential visual and landscape amenity effects of proposed developments within the context of relevant planning documents. Using a rigorous methodology in conjunction with thorough locale examination, and incorporating GIS and 3D computer modelling technology, an accurate assessment of a development’s effects, and potential mitigation strategies, are evaluated to enable the best fit into the surrounding environment. This same expertise can be applied during initial project conceptualisation, to assist site selection. We have considerable experience in the preparation of evidence and visual material to convey the findings of an assessment for both council and Environment Court hearings.


  • Assessment of landscape, visual and amenity effects.
  • Preparation of mitigation strategies.
  • Preparation of visual material including photomontages, viewshed analysis, shadow analysis, site plans, overview plans.
  • Preparation of evidence for council and Environment Court hearings.
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Mansergh Graham assist in the preparation of landscape policy, structure plans and development guidelines, parks and reserves management plans for Statutory Management Authorities and government departments. Drawing on a wealth of experience at both the policy and consent level, Mansergh Graham are able to identify and assess the landscape resource at district, region and national levels, using appropriate methodologies that are supportable within the relevant statutory framework. Often, as a corollary of this process, guideline documents are produced to provide worked examples of the effect of identified landscape management strategies, clarifying the intent and implications for associated policies and rules.


  • Landscape assessments for district planning purposes.
  • Identification of outstanding natural features and landscapes, and amenity landscapes.
  • Development of objectives, policies and rules for district planning purposes.
  • Landscape management plans.
  • Parks and reserves management plans.
  • Structure planning.
  • Design guides.
  • Presentation of landscape planning evidence at council hearings and the Environment Court.
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Mansergh Graham offer a full range of landscape architectural services from conceptual design, through to the preparation of contract documentation and construction drawings. We have considerable experience managing projects to ensure our designs are constructed to the highest standards.


  • • Structure & master planning
  • • Subdivision concept and developed design
  • • Urban design and assessment
  • • Landscape, visual and natural character assessment
  • • Developed design and detailing
  • • Detailed construction plans and specifications
  • • Amenity and mitigation planting plans
  • • Contract documentation and management
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Mansergh Graham understand the crucial role that built form and quality open space plays in community living, and the fundamental role of retail and commercial vitality, accessibility and safety as part of the urban fabric. Our approach to urban design is grounded in an awareness of the social, economic and ecological imperatives that sustain the urban environment, with a focus on creating destinations appropriate to their location and context. Our urban assessments address the urban design protocols identified by MoE. We can provide valuable input into a range of projects such as Central Business District redevelopment, subdivision development, commercial and institutional development.


  • Structure planning,
  • Urban design and assessment,
  •  Site planning,
  • CBD development planning
  • Community and Stakeholder Consultation


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The functional requirements of developments are well understood, however a successful design celebrates what makes each location distinctive and contributes to the wider urban fabric. Thorough attention to the specific details enable a development to realise its functional and aesthetic potential. Mansergh Graham undertake projects over a range of scales from Central Business District redevelopment and large commercial developments to pocket urban parks. We offer a full range of services from conceptual design, through to the preparation of contract documentation and construction drawings. We have considerable experience managing projects to ensure our designs are constructed to the highest standards.


  • Structure planning & master planning
  • Concept design
  • Developed design
  • Feature and site furniture design
  • Detailed construction plans and specifications
  • Planting plans
  • Contract documentation and management
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
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Parks, reserves, open spaces, plazas, streets and courtyard, whether public or private, all fall within the realm of landscape design. Landscape design encompasses a wide scope of developments with an emphasis on the functional aesthetic and ecological components of exterior space. Mansergh Graham provide a range of services from parks and reserves design to commercial developments.


  • Structure plans, landscape concepts, developed design
  • Feature and site furniture design
  • Construction drawings
  • Planting plans
  • Mitigation and restoration plans
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For many developments, intrinsic to the decision making process, is the management, mapping and analysis and of significant amounts of geo-spatial information. Mansergh Graham utilise a Geographic Information System (GIS) to make complex geographical analysis accessible. While the cartographical service is valuable in itself, the true power of GIS is derived from the manipulation of multiple layers of information in order to both understand and communicate complex relationships within the physical world. In addition to it use within landscape and visual assessment, we also provide GIS services for other consultants, including ecologists and resource management planners to assist in their respective fields.


  • Topographic and feature mapping
  • Slope, aspect and shade analysis
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Sieve mapping
  • Weighted site selection and route analysis
  • Catchment mapping and analysis
  • Geo-spatial database management
  • 3d visualisations
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Mansergh Graham produce a wide range of graphic material for clients and other consultants, including photomontages, computer generated 3D models, illustrations, design guides, maps, interpretive signage and brochures.


  • Preparation of accurate photomontages,
  • Interactive & static 3-D digital modelling,
  • Preparation of ‘fly-throughs’,
  • Maps,
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Interpretive signage and brochures.
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